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Weekly Meetings

2/17 Meeting
By Scott R Florence
Posted on 2/17/2016 4:39 PM
Guests today included our presenter Mike Carr with the Washington County School District (WCSD), Rice Brown (PE, North Colorado Springs RC), Connie Smith and Sharon Hought from the South Jordan RC and potential new member Michael Forrest.
Heather passed around the sign up sheet for the Academic Decathlon on March 3.
I reminded everyone that next Tuesday is Rotary's 111th anniversary and asked that each of us take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments and influence of our club and RI in the community and around the world.
Jon led us in another rousing round of horseplay.
Mike Carr is the Homeless Liaison/Student Support Services Coordinator for the WCSD.  He spoke about the challenges and rewards of helping homeless school children and their families.  It is estimated there are nearly a thousand children in the school district that meet at least one criteria for being considered homeless (7th among all school districts in Utah).  50% of all students in the district are considered low income and 42% are in the free lunch program.
These statistics are staggering but we are doing our part to help.  Through the club's foundation we give out grants totaling $5-6,000 annually to non-profit organizations (including schools and the school district foundation) to assist children and youth throughout the county.
For those of you who weren't there, we missed you!