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Weekly Meetings

12/2/15 Meeting
By Scott R Florence
Posted on 12/2/2015 2:42 PM
Our guest today was Bill Reetz who recently moved to Sun River from Summit County, CO (where he was the past president of the Rotary club there).  He's currently a member of the AZ e-club but is looking to join a club in this area.  Of course we told him he had come to the right place!
For the Rotary Minute, Egor showed a video produced by the Sugarhouse Rotary Club about the dictionary project.
Tim Welsh led us in another rousing round of Horseplay.
As this was the club's regular business meeting, we went over some items from yesterday's board meeting:
1. The club has had a net increase of 5 members since July 1 (we're now at 30).  But we don't want to let up on the gas so we're kicking off the "one-person" membership drive.  Everyone knows a friend, relative, co-worker, etc. they can invite to Rotary.  Increasing membership brings more money, capacity and diversity to the club to do more good.  So let's keep up the effort!
2.  We're still working out the details for providing Christmas gifts to a needy family.  Stay tuned for more details.
3.  We're still refining cost estimates for the Shivwits playground shade shelter.  We'll schedule a spring cleanup after the first of the year.
4.  We finally have a venue for the car show.  It will be held in the park up on the hill in Santa Clara (same place as the Swiss Days car show). 
We held elections for the 2016/2017 club officers.  The new board will be:
President - Tim Welsh
President Elect - Teri Iverson
Past-President - Scott Florence
Secretary - Lil Barron
Treasurer - Melanie Florence
Director (Club/Membership) - Kathleen Peterson
Director (Community) - Heather Cox
Director (Youth) - Angie Bulletts
Director (International) - Mike Empey
Finally, we had the "best of 5" card drawing (part of our membership recruitment).  Del Beatty had the winning hand and will name the charity of his choice for the recipient of a $100 donation from the club.  We'll do another drawing in early June so keep up the new member recruitment efforts.
For those of you who weren't there, we missed you!