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Red Rock
St. George Utah
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Weekly Meetings

3/25/15 Meeting
By Egor S Shulman
Posted on 3/29/2015 3:09 PM


  • Kate Edwards – Friend for Sight


New Member applicants – Greg Alrdred


New Member Inductees –


Member Departures – none


Theme – The object of Rotary – Rotary minute by Tim and watched Rotary video – The 7th Hole



  • Sign up for Puerto Penasco district conference – fun for all

  • Dixie Sunrise is having a silent auction on April 18 at 5:30PM at Abbey Inn, tickets are $50 per person


Presentation – Kate Edwards – Friends for Sight – Red Rock Rotary Grant Recipient

  • Next time you renew your car registration check off the $2 donation box for Friends for Sight – a very worthy undertaking

  • 4% of children have Amblyopia (form of preventable blindness – Lazy Eye Blindness)

  • 35,000 people screened last year free in Utah courtesy of Friends for Sight

  • Paid staff of 3 and 300 trained volunteers

  • 1.5 million people screened since inception of the organization

  • 2.2 million of Americans have glaucoma

  • 1 in 4 children have eyesight issues

  • Utah law requires screening for this disease up to age 9

  • 25% of students from affluent families have a vision disorder

  • 50% of students from poor families have a vision disorder

  • Washington County statistics

  1. 31% of 6-16 kids had eye exam

  2. 21% of pre-school kids received eye exam

  3. 3,400 or 48% of preschool kids are in school

  4. 7,000 preschool age children

  5. 31,170 kids in K-12 so about 3,000 have vision issues

  • Our donation will facilitate:

  1. 1,000 more screenings in Washington County

  2. Network with other organizations and community leaders


Horse Play – Frank did a great job as usual


Upcoming dates:   

  • Kite Festival – April 18th


Members that were not there, we missed you.


Those of you not yet members of our club - you are missing out on being a contributor to a better place to live locally and globally.  Come join us and find food for your soul through volunteer activities.