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Red Rock
St. George Utah
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Weekly Meetings

1/7/15 Meeting
By Egor S Shulman
Posted on 1/7/2015 3:59 PM


  • None


New Member applicants – none


New Member Inductees – Susi Lafaele switched to new Basic membership


Member Departures – John Olson was dropped from the rolls – no payments and no attendance.


Theme – Try to walk in other person’s shoes – watched IF WE COULD SEE INSIDE OTHERS HEARTS video urging us to be nicer to those around us because we do not know what they are going through.



  • Winter Mardi Gras/Pinata party at Green Springs Club House, kids welcome, indoor swimming pool – 2/21/14

  • Pam got us an underprivileged family, our club members rose to the occasion and raised $500 to buy gifts.  Saint Frankie (Santa) and his elves (Del, Pam, Melanie, Scott, Joe – sorry if I forgot anybody else) delivered the gifts – that you so much.


Business Meeting:

  • Car Show in October 2015 (9th and 10th) – Lil is the co-chair from our club and has been appointed by other co-chairs as the big cheese over the car show – that is awesome because Lil has the connections and the enthusiasm for this project.

  • Our club got the following areas of responsibility for the Car Show and we picked committee chairs:

    Administration/Treasury – Lil Barron (2 r’s) chair, Egor member

    Venue – Tim Welsh chair, Victor, Mike and Wes are members

    Judging – John Braaten chair

    Awards – Tim Burke chair

  • Those of you that have not volunteered to be on a committee yet please do so ASAP.  We will have a Car Show organizing business meeting during our regular 1/21/15 club meeting.

  • We will have another work project at the Shiwvitz reservation in March to burn all the weeds with weed burners.

  • Frank is setting us up with Walmart to receive $250 every 6 months if we put in 25 volunteer hours – which is cake

  • Lil, as part of her job with MCSquare will be hosting a downtown event first Friday of the month and our club needs to consider having a booth run by Interact kids to raise money for their club selling hot dogs and water or something like that


Horse Play – Frank led it, it was nice to catch up on all the happenings since we did not have the last two meetings.


Upcoming dates:   

  • 2/21/14 – winter party


Members that were not there, we missed you.


Those of you not yet members of our club - you are missing out on being a contributor to a better place to live locally and globally.  Come join us and find food for your soul through volunteer activities.