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St. George Utah
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Weekly Meetings

11/19/14 Meeting
By Egor S Shulman
Posted on 11/22/2014 3:31 PM


  • Ivan Ketterman from Mesquite Rotary Club, we exchanged flags


New Member applicants – none


New Member Inductees - none


Member Departures - none this week.


Theme – do not make judgments about others without having all the facts – watched Shop video



  • Elections 12/3/14

    President Elect – Tim Welsh

    Secretary – Lil Barron

    Treasurer – Melanie Florence

    Director – Heather Cox

    Director – Teri Iverson

    Director – Mike Empey

    Director – Kathleen Peterson

    Sergeant at Arms – John Braaten

  • Winter Mardi Gras/Pinata party at Green Springs Club House, kids welcome, indoor swimming pool – 2/21/14

  • Kathleen passed around “We miss you cards” for all to sign and will mail it to the couple of members with chronic attendance issues

  • Scott Florence was awarded the Silver pin backer for now having recruited 4 Rotary members to our club – WAY TO GO SCOTT!!!!!


Horse Play – Frank did a great job as always eliciting laughter and tears from our members


Presentation – Scott Florence – Wild Horses and Burrows.

  • Scott gave us highlights of the work he did in DC this past June putting together a draft plan for management of wild horse/burrow population

  • The issue is highly emotional for some people and people from some countries are drooling to lay their hands on some prime lean horse meat.  (this is a test line to see if you read blogs J)

  • Animal control is very involved and costly and because of the requirement to treat the animals humanely the task becomes quite hard


Upcoming dates:   

    -       12/3/14 – Election of club board for next year

  • 2/21/14 – winter party


Members that were not there, we missed you.


Those of you not yet members of our club - you are missing out on being a contributor to a better place to live locally and globally.  Come join us and find food for your soul through volunteer activities.