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Weekly Meetings

10/1/14 Meeting
By Egor S Shulman
Posted on 10/1/2014 6:53 PM
    - Lisa Mueller, Rotary Club of Baldwin Rockville Centre (Long Island, NY)
    - Charlotte Shelley, looking for a Rotary Club that fits her, Egor's guest 
    - Rene Flemming, City of St George, Water and Energy Conservation  
New Member applicants - none at the moment but still waiting for Tracy Welsh application to come in (Tim?) and Sommer needs to bite the bullet and join already
New Member Inductees - none
Member Departures - none this week.
Theme - Vocational - October is Rotary Vocational month 
      - Scott did a Rotary Minute about our club nominating one or more individuals that exhibit Rotary standards in their professional life
    - we watched Terry Tate Rotary video on how not to motivate your employees 
Shivwitz Project - we are all set for Saturday morning 10/11/14 at 9:00AM at the Shivwitz Reservation to clear weeds and put down 4" layer of little rubber things to prevent injury to kids that fall off the playground equipment.
    - Thank you Mike for spearheading this project and coordinating everything
    - Mike arranged with Megan Church at DSU to bring out a bunch of college kids to do the work    
    - Thank you Kathleen for getting us a dumpster and a porta potty (when you got to go, you got to go)
    - Thank you Lil for arranging to bring a bunch of tools
    - Thank you (probably Wes) for using your truck to deliver the rubber thingies    
Frank presided over horse play - as usual we had some fun.  Thank you Frank.
Lisa Mueller gave us a 5 minute overview on her project of driving around the country educating everybody on need to replace those curlyq light bulbs that have mercury in them with LED lights.
Rene Flemming with City of St George, gave us a very interesting presentation on water and energy conservation in Southern Utah.  It was impressive to hear how far along our area is in using our natural resources wisely.
Upcoming dates:
    - October 8th, regular meeting, Governor Michael Wells is visiting our club    
    - Saturday, October 11, tentative, Shivwitz Reservation playground cleanup
    - Monday, October 20th, 11:30AM - 1:00PM, an All Clubs meeting at Abbey Inn to hear Bif, the new president of DSU, share his vision for the university (by that time he would have met Steve Johnson so this should be interesting  :) ).
    - Week of October 20th - Rotary Days - we are still planning on doing a Purple Pinkies Activity
    - October 24/25, Friday/Saturday, Red Rock Rotary booth at Spookytown/Taste of Dixie
Members that were not there, we missed you.
Those of you not yet members of our club - you are missing out on being a contributor to a better place to live locally and globally.  Come join us and find food for your soul through volunteer activities.