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9/3/14 Meeting
By Egor S Shulman
Posted on 9/3/2014 3:19 PM
Guests - None, first meeting of the month is a business meeting
New Member applicants:
 - Tracy Welsh (Tim's much better half) is working on her application.  Tracy has been helping us with a lot of our projects, we are looking forward to having her as a member
- Angie Bullets working with Scott to get her schedule in order and join our club
Theme - Don't pre-judge (funny video) and best things are accomplished by small groups of people (Fiji video)
Business Meeting:
- Dictionary Project - 420 arrived.  Frank has cool labels at the printers.  Club will label the dictionaries next week and parcel them out for distribution in the next couple of weeks to the 6 schools we are responsible for in Washington County.  If you have never given a dictionary to a 3rd grader - it is a great experience.
- Membership - Kathleen encouraged everybody to a) give their old Rotarian magazines to people who we think would make great Rotarians and b) go on our website ( and fill out your individual profile.  Personal info is only visible to other club members.  This is a good way to tell your story.
- Youth - Teri is working with Dixie High and Snow Canyon to get Rotary Days Purple Pinkies going.  Great suggestion from club members to play some Rotary videos about polio and Rotary eradication efforts on Channel 1 at school the day before purple pinkies so kids can bring a dollar to school.
- International - Mike is nailing down a date for Shivwitz reservation playground clean up project in the fall and will also contact St. George Rotary to see how we can help them with the Guatemala stoves project.
- Website - Heather is working on our picture collage for the website.  We will be getting more active on facebook and on twitter - watch us get going.  :)
- Our last month attendance at meetings was 93% a definite high for us, one week we were at 100% - thank you club members for making our meetings enjoyable and fun.
Tim presided over horse play - as usual we had some fun but since Sommer was not there, it was definitely PG.
Members that were not there, we missed you.
Those of you not yet members of our club - you are missing out on being a contributor to a better place to live locally and globally.  Come join us and find food for your soul through volunteer activities and superb breakfast courtesy of John Braaten and his elves at Abbey Inn.